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The NCEA English exams are important for all students to take seriously. It is not only important for students who wish to further their study whether it be university or getting an apprenticeship but also for those aiming to go straight into the workforce as job ready employees.

In all workplaces communication is important and being confident in English is a must for nearly all job positions in the market. Even in retail management it is important to be able to write and communicate as there will be reports, emails and forms to fill out along with additional study in which reading and understanding what is being communicated is important.

If you are planning to go onto university you need to get at least 80 credits in each of the 3 qualification levels. University also requires many good quality essays to be written during the course of study to be able to obtain a degree, so NCEA English tutoring can help with this too.

With NCEA English tutoring at Tutoring for Excellence, we help our students achieve their goals by providing them with individually tailored learning programs and our friendly tutors will help motivate and encourage students so that they can confidently give their best in their upcoming exams.

We can work with students one-on-one within the comfort of their own home or at an agreed location.

We can also continue to help with tutoring during your university degree, assisting you in your essays and assignments.

Additional tips for studying for your NCEA English exams:

Take breaks

For every 50 mins of study take a 10 minute break to stretch and rest, this will stop you from burning out by breaking up your routine into blocks.

Make study goals

Grab a diary, calendar or posted notes and put down all of your deadlines, goals, tutoring appointments and exams dates. Put this in the place where you usually study so you can keep up to date and on track with your study goals.

Eliminate distractions during study

Put your phone somewhere far away during your self-allocated study time. Phones can be incredibly distracting and will swallow up time that you planned to be studying in. It’s also good to find a quiet place away from anything that will distract you from studying.

Create a “Study Trigger”

To create a study trigger you will need to find something that you can turn on during your focused study time and then switch off when you are finished. A small desk lamp works really well for this or even wearing a certain item of clothing or putting on classical music. This will train your brain to focus and be less distracted during study.


If you would like help with tutoring for your upcoming NCEA English exams do get in touch today by visiting our contact page.