Tutors in Wellington

Private tutoring for English, Maths, Chemistry, Psychology, Social Science & More!

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Why Home Tutoring Wellington?

Private home tutoring creates a stress free, one-on-one environment, free from interruptions and unwanted noise. It improves student self esteem and creates more confidence, allowing students to think more creatively. Students receive individual attention in the comfort of their home and parents don’t need to travel for hours to and from learning centres. At Tutoring For Excellence we pride ourselves on a selection process which follows 20 years of experience where tutors provide high quality one-on-one tutoring.

Where Do You Provide Tutoring Services In Wellington?

Tutors operate all over the metro area of Wellington and the Greater Wellington region. Tutors available to tutor year-round, 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

What Subject Can Tutors Assist With?

Tutors can assist students who are studying the NCEA, Cambridge (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.  Tutors also cover core subjects like; Maths, English, Science along with Social Science, Psychology, Physics and a diverse range of other disciplines and subjects. Tutors provide each student with an individually tailored program designed to complement the student’s particular syllabus or curriculum, with scope for extension or remedial work as required. See here for more information.

Our service area in Wellington: