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Tutoring NZ is adopting the way classrooms are educating children with the implementation of technology. There are many benefits of technology and student learning; improved engagement, preparation for jobs, maximised skill level, and quicker access to more information.

Improved engagement

Incorporating technology into the classroom means students have the opportunity to maximise their engagement and interact with learning techniques. Students are more likely to actively participate in class as technology can make learning more enjoyable in new and exciting ways through a variety of activities made available. Class activities, multimedia demonstrations, presentations and note taking is revolutionised with advancements in technology, students are able to develop complex skills required for their future lifestyle and careers.

Preparation for jobs

The future of jobs for students coming out of high school and university requires technological ability and expertise, so, learning the fundamental and necessary skills early on in the safety of the classroom, well prepares students for the next step into their career paths.

Maximised skill level

Students whose learning are influenced by technology are exposed to 21st century skills and expectations that can help to maximise their academic achievement. Emails, PowerPoint, excel, word, multimedia, applications, technological systems are all a part of today’s society and will be, plus more advancements in the future.

Quicker access to more information

“Google it” – The internet allows for a larger variety of information to be instantly accessible, all in one place, on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Old school textbooks can restrict learning with a limited amount of information supplied to students, the internet allows students to further research their own and learn to find outside sources. Searching on google for a particular topic or question a student is interested in, can take minutes or even seconds to find, read and learn from multiple different websites, blogs, published academic works and many other sources.

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