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How Our Tutor Finder Program Works

Why Choose Us?

  • Tutoring for Excellence was established in 1996, our history is an excellent indicator of our successful approach to tuition.
  • Each student has an individually tailored program designed to complement the student’s particular subject, syllabus or curriculum, with scope for extension or remedial work as required.
  • Tutors are carefully reviewed in a three-stage process that tests their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability.
  • All tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates or university students undertaking study in related disciplines.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy at any time you are free to change tutors or cease tuition.
  • Tutoring For Excellence is owned and operated by a fully qualified teacher and ex principal, with over 15 years industry experience in the public and private education sectors, both nationally and internationally.

A Selection of Tutor Profiles