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If you’re just getting started or need a little extra help, have a look at our study tips for NCEA exams. Tutoring For Excellence has got your back, we know it can be a stressful time so we’re here to help you prepare yourself and achieve the best result you can.  

Study Tips For NCEA Exams

  • Get prepared

It’s essential to organise your notes and write up summaries of each topic, this will make it easier when revising subjects. Have an organised study plan ready to follow day by day and effectively manage your time. To motivate your productivity, set up a space where you can study in private, a comfortable and quiet place, free from distractions. Get started as soon as possible, procrastination is your worst enemy, so get started now – you’ll feel better having everything prepared and ready to go.

  • Have a study schedule

Create a plan to manage your time and mentally prepare yourself for what needs to be done. It helps to be visual, so plot and set the balance between your subjects so your focus is equal on all subjects, perhaps with more attention aimed at your weaker subjects that need to be improved. Here you should make note of key dates when assignments are due and exams are to be taken.

  • Take study breaks

It’s good for your motivation to take short study breaks after working productively and interrupted for 30-60 minutes. Take this time to relax and do things that make you feel happy, maybe have a snack break or a cup of tea, go for a walk, watch a short TV show, text your friends or have a little lie-down. This will keep you focused, looking forward to small rewards after studying.

  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle

The NCEA can be an overwhelming time so it’s really important to maintain a balanced lifestyle, taking time to focus on things other than study. Friends, family, exercise, sleep, nutrition and recreational activities are still a critical part of your life during this period. Your mental health and emotional state need attention too…study shouldn’t take up your whole life. If you’re in a happy and content state your stress levels will be reduced, allowing you to focus and prioritise your work.

  • Relax

Stay calm, procrastination may be your worst enemy, but stress may sabotage your learning. There’s no need to worry, just prepare yourself as best as you can and we’re here to help you along the way with study tips for NCEA exams. Make sure you take the necessary time each day to relax, whether its meditating, exercising, watching TV or even having a nap, it will help regulate your daily routine and keep your stability and balanced lifestyle.


If you need help getting started, our tutors can guide you on your NCEA study journey.