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Tutoring for Excellence can recommend a primary school tutor for students from kindergarten to year 6.

Our primary school tutor services provide students with programs designed for children aged 5-12 and are specially tailored to each child to make sure learning is progressed at a comfortable state, reflective of the student’s academic level and educational needs.

Tutoring for excellence offers a private primary school tutor for one-on-one home or online tuition sessions, we understand that growing children have their time nearly filled up with homework, play dates, after school activities and sports, so tutors are flexible to fit in with your schedule.

Private study sessions have significant benefits on a student’s learning and development as well as confidence and self-esteem. We have always striven to create a one-to-one learning environment which reaches out to the student in a way that the group classroom experience cannot.

Professional and private primary school tutor sessions with Tutoring for Excellence offers highly skilled and professional knowledge, individual learning styles, remedial attention and confidence for child students working with tutors.

Primary school tutoring is available throughout Auckland and Wellington for all students just starting primary school or transitioning into high school.





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