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If you require an NCEA level 3 chemistry tutor, you’re in luck. Within our professional tutoring team at Tutoring for Excellence, there are tutors that not only specialize in all levels of chemistry, from high school through to university and beyond, but are also available for one-on-one private tuition. They will come to you, at a time and place that is most convenient.

The NCEA exams are a pivotal time for virtually all high school students in New Zealand. Not only are the marks obtained in these exams recognized by employers, but the results also determine the all-important university selection, both in NZ and abroad. We aim to assist our students in getting the highest possible university entrance scores, which will broaden their future study and job options, no matter where they are.

Chemistry is a complex scientific discipline that deals with the study of matter, and its study can be overwhelming for many – especially for students reaching advanced levels.

When you hire an experienced NCEA level 3 chemistry tutor from Tutoring for Excellence, you can rest assured that they are actively working on improving your teenager’s understanding and academic skills, whilst simultaneously bettering their soft skills such as their self-esteem, confidence, and passion towards learning as a whole.

Our specialty tutors work together with the individual student to create a comprehensive learning program tailored towards their specific study needs, and what is required of them from the syllabus, in order to achieve the best marks possible. This is done through methods that are proven to be effective, including building confidence, boosting motivation, setting goals, and addressing strengths and weaknesses.

Since we interview each of our tutors face-to-face, we can ensure that our NCEA level 3 chemistry tutor team are friendly and are highly skilled in their specializations. For more information, contact us and book your own NCEA level 3 chemistry tutor by visiting our contact page.