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1. How are your tutors selected?

Tutors undergo a three part application process. First they must fill in an application form to pass our intensive criteria, then a telephone discussion and finally an meeting in person. Final registrations are made according to academic level, experience, dedication to teaching, professionalism and people skills.

2. What kind of tutors do you work with?

We have a large range of tutors to fit most peoples needs. Tutors are qualified teachers, university graduates with relevant degrees or university students undertaking study in related disciplines.

3. How much does tutoring cost?

The cost of a tutor depends on their academic background, experience, and ability. Please contact us so that we can find the best tutor based on your individual needs.

4. How can you assure me that you will assign the best tutor for my needs?

Our selection process is geared towards finding the best quality tutors and as such our knowledge of our tutors’ skills and experience is in-depth. We choose teachers according to your personal learning requirements, subject, ability and locality.

5. What is your tutor availability?

Tutors who can visit you at any time from Monday to Sunday, morning to evening, according to your needs, or alternatively conduct lessons online via an interactive whiteboard.

6. Can I arrange to talk with the tutor prior to starting lessons?

We arrange for the tutor to call their prospective students before lessons commence.

7. What if the student is not satisfied with their tutor?

If the tutor we originally assigned is not suitable let us know and we’ll find you another.

8. What subjects and levels do you offer?

We cover most subjects, levels & abilities. See here for more information on the full range of subjects.

9. Where is your central office?

See the main menu for the full range of locations we cover.

10. At what locations can lessons take place?

We can arrange that the tutor comes to your home, online, or that you meet at another location at your convenience: e.g. a library or office.

11. Why Choose to Learn with Tutoring for Excellence?

At Tutoring for Excellence we believe that a good rapport between tutor and student is essential to the learning process. As such we choose enthusiastic tutors with a passion for teaching and passing on knowledge. As well as having an excellent academic background, tutors are chosen for their ability to motivate students whilst creating a comfortable learning environment. Tutors aim to inspire the student, giving them the confidence to forge ahead with their studies.

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