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Tutors offer personally tailored home or online tutoring lessons in a range of topics, including Biology.

We offer Biology at NCEA, CIE and IB levels.

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, from their physical makeup to their genesis, species, to evolution, population and environment. Biology incorporates a wide range of subdivisions including General Biology, Botany, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology and Zoology, to name only a few.

We recommend tutors with a genuine passion for teaching who individually tailor lessons to suit the needs of the student based on the requirements of their course. Exam and coursework preparation will be approached in line with the student’s level in order to obtain maximum results throughout their progression.

What we offer –

  • One-on-one tuition in your chosen subject area.
  • Professional tuition at all levels.
  • At home, online, or another agreed location.
  • Competitive hourly rates.
  • Preparation for NCEA, CIE and IB examinations.
  • All tutors meet our highest standards and are screened face-to-face.

Biology tutors are selected individually according to their academic background, people skills and professional manner.

Private Biology Tutors are available throughout Auckland and Wellington.