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Private tutoring for Maths, English, Physics, Economics, History & More!

Tutoring For Excellence is a private one on one home based tuition service for the Auckland region.

Why Choose ‘Tutoring for Excellence’ over Other Private Tutors?

At Tutoring For Excellence we pride ourselves on a selection process which follows 15 years of experience providing high quality one-on-one tutoring. Whilst we value teacher qualifications and university training we also ensure that tutors have a friendly, professional manner and are motivated to teach to the highest standards.

What is Your Coverage?

Our tutors operate all over the metro area of Auckland from Albany in the north to Papakura in the south and all suburbs in between. We offer a one-to-one service that ensures each and every student receives the undivided attention of their tutor during classes at their home, and that parents don’t need to travel for hours to and from learning centres.

What subject areas do you cover?

Our tutors are able to assist students who are studying at a NCEA, Cambridge (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) level. We aim to cover as wide a range as topics as possible, including the ‘core subjects’ – Maths, English, Science – as well as a range of other disciplines including science subjects such as Biology Psychology and Social Sciences, together with history and a range of other subjects. See here for more information.


A sample of the type of tutors available in the Auckland region:


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Arts and is currently studying her Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education

Subjects: NCEA English & Maths, History, Psychology, Media Studies.

Fast Facts: Jessie is a trainee teacher and experienced with children with special needs. She is a positive and compassionate tutor and has been with TFE for over 2 years. She has completed over 265 hours of tuition with our agency alone and loves being able to help! Jessie is a creative type who loves reading, writing and art & music. She is currently working as a teachers’ aid and is excited to begin her career as a teacher in the coming years!

Recent Feedback: We loved Jessie, she is fantastic and really made a difference with out child. We are forever grateful for her assistance


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and PhD in Chemical & Material Engineering

Subjects: NCEA Maths and Science

Fast Facts: Over 210 hours of tuition with students managed by TFE! Patrick is a fully qualified engineer with a PhD. He is a very intelligent person who presented himself well. His friendly nature helps him to connect will with his students. Patrick is hoping to obtain a teaching fellowship at the University sometime in the near future.

Recent Feedback: He was really good in helping my child with their Maths! He helped her right through to the end of her NCEA Level 3 Exams and we were pleased with the progress.


Location: Auckland

Education: Undertaking a Bachelor of Science

Subjects: NCEA English, Maths, Sciences, Drama, Classical Studies

Fast Facts: Over 135 hours of tuition with students managed through TFE. Britney is an intelligent, well-rounded and hard-working university student who values her work as a tutor. Britney has a keen eye for Athletics and sees herself moving into a Science career that is more sports-orientated. Britney has been with TFE for over 1 year and has received only positive feedback.

Recent Feedback: Britney is extremely reliable, friendly and easy to communicate with. My child was really motivated to work hard for her. She built a very strong relationship with the him and had a great manner.


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Science/Diploma of Teaching

Subjects: Maths Kindergarten-Year 10 & Science

Fast Facts: Over 210 hours of tuition with students managed through TFE. David has over 21 years of classroom experience as a fully qualified Science Teacher. David has received a lot of positive feedback from his students and has previously tutored for TFE in Australia before moving to New Zealand. David is now working as a Part-time teacher as he enjoys being able to set time for one-on-one tuition, which he enjoys the most!

Recent Feedback: Malcolm was excellent. He got on really well with my son and we saw a great deal of improvement. Malcolm did a lot of hours for us and he built a great rapport. he tried different strategies and kept my son really engaged. I was pleased that he made the tuition interesting and think he was a great tutor.

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