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Private tutoring for Maths, English, Physics, Economics, History & More!

Tutoring For Excellence is a private one on one home based tuition service for the Auckland region.

Why Choose ‘Tutoring for Excellence’ Over Other Private Tutors?

At Tutoring For Excellence we pride ourselves on a selection process which follows 20 years of experience providing high quality one-on-one tutoring. Whilst we value teacher qualifications and university training we also ensure that tutors have a friendly, professional manner and are motivated to teach to the highest standards.

What Is Your Coverage?

Tutors operate all over the metro area of Auckland from Albany in the north to Papakura in the south and all suburbs in between. We offer a one-to-one service that ensures each and every student receives the undivided attention of their tutor during classes at their home, and that parents don’t need to travel for hours to and from learning centres.

What Subject Areas Do You Cover?

Tutors are able to assist students who are studying at a NCEA, Cambridge (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) level. Tutors also aim to cover as wide a range as topics as possible, including the ‘core subjects’ – Maths, English, Science – as well as a range of other disciplines including science subjects such as Biology Psychology and Social Sciences, together with history and a range of other subjects. See here for more information.


A sample of the type of tutors available in the Auckland region:

HARVARD (Tutoring in NCEA Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Physics)

Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Engineering with a PhD in Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

Subjects: Harvard can assist with Maths and Science. He specialises in Maths NCEA Level 1-3, Maths Statistics NCEA Level 2-3, Maths Calculus NCEA Level 3, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Biology.

Fast Facts: Harvard is well versed in the NCEA curriculum, especially for Science and Maths. With Tutoring for Excellence, Harvard has worked with over 21 students and completed over 550 hours of private tuition with a diverse range of students. Harvard is not only hard working, but friendly and intelligent.

Recent Feedback: “I can not express how grateful we all are for having been assigned Harvard as the boys tutor. They really enjoyed and respected Harvard’s skill and style of teaching. They got to understand the subject deeper and not only learnt so much but also seemed to enjoy it more too. If you have awards for top tutors we would like to put in our three nominations for Harvard!” Mrs. Chadfield from Beachlands,  Auckland

“My son’s confidence and marks have improved so much and my son said his last test was easy. Harvard does a great job at breaking down concepts in an understandable way.” Mrs. Frost from Flatbrush, Auckland 

LOVELY (Tutoring in Maths, English: NCEA, Cambridge & Primary Education)

Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

Subjects: Lovely is an all rounded tutor and experienced with Maths and English for both Primary and Secondary levels. She specialises in English NCEA Level 1-3 & Cambridge, Primary Education (including: reading, spelling, handwriting). Additional subject areas consist of: Health, Biology, History, Religion and Social Studies.

Fast Facts: Lovely has completed over 120 hours of tuition with Tutoring for Excellence. Her specialized skill set is a great fit for any student seeking assistance in areas of Maths and English. Not only can she provide advice regarding subject material, but with exam preparation and study techniques.

Recent Feedback: “My daughter really likes lovely, and says she has been a great tutor” Mrs. Attanayake from Royal Oak, Auckland

ADAM (Tutoring in Maths: NCEA, Cambridge, Physics & Accounting)

Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Physics), Masters of Science with a PhD in Physics

Subjects: Adam specialises in Primary and Secondary Maths, his subjects include: Maths Year 1-10, Maths NCEA Level 1-3, Maths Statistics NCEA Level 2-3. Maths Calculus NCEA Level 3, Maths Cambridge, Engineering, Physics and Accounting.

Fast Facts: Adam is well versed in both the NCEA and Cambridge curriculum. As a qualified professional Adam is not only driven and mature, but a very reliable tutor.

Recent Feedback: “Adam helped my son immensely preparing for his Physics exams.”  Mrs. Matthews from Remuera, Auckland

WILLIAM (Tutoring in NCEA Maths, NCEA English, Chemistry, Physics, Japanese & Earth and Space Science)

Location: Auckland

Education: Completing a Bachelor of Science (Geophysics)

Subjects: William can assist with a diverse range of subjects, ranging from Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science to Japanese tuition.

Fast Facts: William has had great retention with his clients. We find him to be very organised and adaptable to his students.

Recent Feedback: “William was great! I have nothing but positive feedback for him.” Mrs. Bradshaw from Mangere Bridge, Auckland

“He is great tutor, very polite and unassuming!” Mrs. Van Den Brink from Dannemora, Auckland

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