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Private tutoring for Maths, English, Physics, Economics, History & More!

Tutoring For Excellence is a private one on one home based tuition service for the Auckland region.

Why Choose ‘Tutoring for Excellence’ over Other Private Tutors?

At Tutoring For Excellence we pride ourselves on a selection process which follows 15 years of experience providing high quality one-on-one tutoring. Whilst we value teacher qualifications and university training we also ensure that tutors have a friendly, professional manner and are motivated to teach to the highest standards.

What is Your Coverage?

Our tutors operate all over the metro area of Auckland from Albany in the north to Papakura in the south and all suburbs in between. We offer a one-to-one service that ensures each and every student receives the undivided attention of their tutor during classes at their home, and that parents don’t need to travel for hours to and from learning centres.

What subject areas do you cover?

Our tutors are able to assist students who are studying at a NCEA, Cambridge (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) level. We aim to cover as wide a range as topics as possible, including the ‘core subjects’ – Maths, English, Science – as well as a range of other disciplines including science subjects such as Biology Psychology and Social Sciences, together with history and a range of other subjects. See here for more information.


A sample of the type of tutors available in the Auckland region:


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Arts (English and Philosophy) (Hons)

Subjects: NCEA English, History and Classical Studies

Fast Facts: Worked with TFE for over a year and assisted a range of students over this time. Riley is an experienced tutor and an NCEA English specialist. He is an intelligent, reliable and friendly tutor with excellent communication skills. Riley has worked with both extension and remedial students and has an array of skills appropriate to assist students at all levels. Riley has also worked with a number of senior students, including Year 13 students to help them achieve in their final year.

Recent Feedback: Riley is an experienced and friendly tutor. His strong English background and commitment to students make him an asset to anyone who may be interested in his assistance.


Location: Auckland

Education: Undertaking a Bachelor of Arts (English and Writing)

Subjects: NCEA English, Geography and Study Skills

Fast Facts: Over 6 months of tuition with TFE and over 50 hours of tuition. Nelson is an NCEA English specialist with the capacity to assist a range of students of all ages and abilities. He is a quiet, calm and genuine tutor, a temperament that makes him perfect for students who may be stressed in their final years of study. Long term, Nelson is interested in becoming an English teacher, and as such, this passion for education is reflected in his tuition.

Recent Feedback: Nelson is an excellent tutor who has shown himself to be an asset. He is able to develop a great rapport with his students and instil in them skills that are transferable to other subjects.


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Technology (Optoelectronics)

Subjects: NCEA Maths, English, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Physics, Science

Fast Facts: Completed over 70 hours of tuition with TFE in the last 6 months. Kevin is a very friendly, enthusiastic and extroverted tutor who is able to bring this lively and engaging nature into his lessons. He is an intelligent and confident young man with the capacity to assist NCEA Maths and Science students at all levels of ability. Kevin has demonstrated his passion for tuition and this is reflected by his excellent retention and commitment to his students.

Recent Feedback: Kevin is a committed and easy going tutor who understands the demands of senior study. He is a confident and enthusiastic and brings this to his lessons with the aim of sparking the same kind of passion in his students.


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Subjects: Primary Maths, English, Reading, Spelling and Handwriting

Fast Facts: Emma is a fully qualified and experienced teacher. She is friendly, mature, confident and articulate. Emma has experience working with a range of students both in NZ and abroad and is confident and capable assisting students of all abilities. Emma puts a focus on helping students to understand the curriculum material while incorporating age appropriate activities to keep them interested and help them get the most out of her lessons.

Recent Feedback: Emma is a confident and decisive tutor, creating an engaging and encouraging atmosphere in her lessons to enable her students to not only achieve their goals, but exceed them.


Location: Auckland

Education: Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

Subjects: NCEA and Cambridge (CIE) Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science, Study Skills

Fast Facts: Completed over 50 hours of tuition with TFE. Eva is a very experienced tutor having worked with a range of students at all levels of high school. She is a very intelligent young woman and a Maths and Science specialist who is able to tutor both NCEA and CIE subjects. Eva is genuine, articulate and thoughtful and these attributes make her an excellent candidate for working with senior students in their final years of study.

Recent Feedback: “We are so happy with Eva’s tuition! She is a lovely young lady, very helpful, easy going and has a tutoring style that makes my son comfortable enough to ask the questions he can’t ask in the classroom.” – Mrs. Schwenke, Glen Eden, Auckland

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